Episode 59: The curse of the Ivorian Prime Minister’s office

Ivorian Prime Minister Patrick Achi has left hospital in France, where he was recently admitted. His predecessors weren’t so lucky. Photo: Joes Dongui

It seems like one of the most dangerous jobs in the world is Prime Minister of Ivory Coast. Two former occupants of the office have died in the past year, and the current one, Patrick Achi, was recently hospitalized in France. Thankfully, we have our very own Emmanuel Nado to explain what the hell is going on in his home country.

In this episode, we also revisit the politics of wheelbarrows and dynasties in Kenya, where — in a rare show of judicial independence — the High Court ruled against the president’s attempt to make a major amendment to the constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative. The five judges ruled that the initiative — which would have created 70 new constituencies and 300 more unelected parliamentary seats — was unconstitutional because the law requires such a process to be initiated and led by citizens, not by the government.