Episode 72: An African perspective on the U.S. fiasco in Afghanistan

Dirty job
“Dirty job” Photo: The U.S. Army ,

In this episode, Nado and Okong’o give their views on the mess their surrogate homeland of the United States has created in Afghanistan, and how it will affect their homeland of birth, Africa.

Among the countries that have agreed to help the U.S. save face — if that’s even possible — is Uganda. How can one of the world’s poorest nations, which already harbors 1.4 million refugees, afford to take more? And what will happen those among the 2,000 Afghan refugees who won’t be approved to relocate to the United States? Could Uganda be setting herself up for getting stuck with someone else’s problem, or is this a smart move by President Yoweri Museveni to get hold of some American dollars?

The discussion ends on a happy note in Zambia, where Hakainde Hichilema was sworn in recently as the country’s 7th president, after defeating President Edgar Lungu, the incumbent. Hichilema has promised to fix the southeast African country’s $12 billion debt owed to the various foreign powers, including China. But will he succeed? (Hint: After this episode was recorded, President Hichilema told BBC that that he inherited an “empty treasury”, explaining that Lungu’s goons hurriedly transferred money out of the coffers of he copper-rich country.)