Episode 79: By calling abused workers prostitutes, David ole Sankok has justified Saudi enslavement and murder of Kenyans

If you thought former U.S. President Donald Trump — the wannabe despot — was crazy when he sided with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman after the murder of journalist Jamal Kashoggi, you haven’t met David ole Sankok. On a recent visit to Saudi Arabia, the Kenyan lawmaker said women from his country have been raped, tortured and murdered by their employers because they are prostitutes.

Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page after a meeting with Saudi officials, Kenyans workers, and the employment agencies that recruit them:

“From my assessment, the problem is that Kenya recruitment agents pick girls from Koinange Street, [an Nairobi areas known for prostitution] bars and brothels and export them as immigrant workers without pre-departure training on laws, traditions and cultures of foreign countries. Even back home you can not pick a househelp from Koinange Street or Sabina Joy [a famous Nairobi brothel] and expect house services without parental control.”

He has faced backlash on social media, but perhaps because he is not an elected member of Parliament, it’s unlikely he’ll pay a political price for his ignorance and sheer lack of empathy. What’s not appalling is that this is a guy who should know something about empathy. The only reason he was nominated to Parliament is because Kenyans were compassionate enough to enshrine into these words into their constitution:

“The State shall ensure the progressive implementation of the principle that at least five percent of the members of the public in elective and appointive bodies are persons with disabilities.”

To repay them, ole Sankok has pissed on the young people forced to leave the country because goons like him have failed to create opportunities for them.

Shame on him.