A New Year!

Happy New Year to you, our fellow Africa Straight Talk fans! We are thankful that you have supported us over the years!

We are on a short break BUT lookout for our first episode in February.

If you hear or know anyone making waves (small and big) in Africa, email us africastraighttalk@gmail.com. We want to highlight their greatness.

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We’ll be right back….

We are about to celebrate a major milestone….our 100th episode!!! As we prepare, we encourage you to listen to some of our past episodes where we talked to some great guests and discussed interesting topics.

We can’t wait to be back!!!!

Episode 98: News from around Africa

What do the elections, and porta parties have in common? They can make people question their sanity. Hence our discussion on mental health.

May is Mental Health Awareness month and our discussion was about the upcoming Kenyan elections and how some rules could easily lead to mistrust and unrest in an otherwise peaceful nation. We also talked about a disturbing trend called porta parties in Dubai where the bored ultra rich Sheiks humiliate African women, record these humiliating sessions and think it is ok because these women get paid for these sessions.

African women let’s not entertain foolishness in the name of money and material gifts we are better than that!

Episode 95: Is pan-African collaboration the way to the continent’s prosperity?

Alpha Lewis, an educator and workforce development professional, talks about how important it is for African nations to trade and collaborate amongst themselves. Lewis is currently a professor at Skyline College in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born in the United States but spent his early childhood in Sierra Leone. He still spends a lot of time doing research in countries like South Africa and Kenya.

Episode 78: Hunting ‘witches’ in Kisii is an ugly blemish on a Kenyan Paradise

The Gusii highlands of southwestern Kenya are a Paradise. But as in any Paradise, there is a snake: Ignorance mixed with religious extremism, which have led to savage murders and lynchings of hundreds of people — mostly elderly women — on suspicion of practicing witchcraft. Following the recent murder of four people, Africa Straight Talk co-host Edwin “Baba Nani” Okong’o, who was born and raised in the Gusii, speaks about this ugly blemish on his beautiful homeland.

Episode 65: Meet the Ghanaian sisters challenging Europe’s dominance in chocolate making

The Addison sisters, founders of Ghana’s pioneer bean-to-bar company ’57 Chocolate, enjoying their treats. Photo: 57chocolategh.com

We speak with the Addison sisters, Kimberly and Priscilla, who set out to challenge the stereotypical belief that premium chocolate can only be made in Europe. Five years ago, they founded ’57 Chocolate, a pioneer bean-to-bar chocolate company that uses beans grown within Ghana to create delicious treats.

Episode 57: Meet Sibongile Mongadi, the S. African innovator changing lives of amputees

Sibongile Mongadi with a prosthesis created by her company Uku’hamba. Photo: Courtesy of ukuhamba.co.za

Sibongile Mongadi is South Africa’s visionary founder of Uku’hamba Prosthetics, a company that produces lightweight prostheses to improve the quality of the lives of amputees. Her vision of giving back the amputees their independence and confidence has earned her numerous awards.