Episode 116 — Kenya: Starving in the name of Jesus

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, a former taxi driver in Kenya, managed to convince his followers to starve themselves to death in order to meet Jesus. At least 600 people are missing, and of the more than 200 bodies recovered appear to have be missing organs, according to authorities. Have religious organizations become too powerful to regulate?


Episode 114: African women are rewriting our history, and we love it!

“Until lions learn to tell their own stories, the tale of the lion hunt will always glorify the African hunter,” goes one African saying. We look at the lionesses who are bravely challenging the archaic Eurocentric tale of the hunt.

We discuss the role films like the new Netflix docudrama series, “African Queens: Njinga,” are playing in telling Africa’s true story. The film stars British Nigerian Adesuwa Oni as Queen Njinga, who ruled the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba in present-day Angola from 1624 until her death on Dec. 17, 1663. It is was written by Kenyan filmmaker Peres Owino and another British Nigerian, NneNne Iwuji, and narrated by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Episode 113: Peeing on the messenger in South Sudan

Pope Francis was in South Sudan recently, but unlike his 2019 visit, no pictures have emerged of the pontiff kneeling down to kiss the feet of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. We think it’s because the Pope has probably seen the video showing Kiir peeing on himself, which the president somehow blamed on journalists.

A New Year!

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Episode 111: World Cup, weddings, and African dictators

In our last episode of the year, we wind up our coverage of the World Cup and get back to the business of talking about Africa. Are extravagant weddings necessary? Why do African leaders rush to Washington at the snap of President Joe Biden’s fingers?

After this episode, we’re taking a well-deserved month-long break. Once again, thank you so much for supporting Africa Straight Talk. We wish you a very merry and safe holiday season.