Episode 112: Do our relatives suffer from dependency syndrome, or have we stopped being African?

We are back for the 2023 season! As always, we’re talking straight. Two of us are complaining about working too hard, as one of us bitches about being fired. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that when you are an African, your job belongs to your relatives. But isn’t it time to reclaim our freedom and encourage personal responsibility?


Episode 41: Meron Semedar spent years running for his life, now he’s running for election to the city council in Oakland, Calif.

Mr. Meron Semedar, a refugee from Eritrea, is seeking to become the first African-born person to be elected to the city council in Oakland, California. Semedar, who wants to represent District 3, has spent nearly two decades in community organizing, and advocating for immigrant, refugee, and human rights.

Now a proud U.S. citizen, he believes that he has something unique to offer Oakland. He’s also urging African immigrants across America to get more involved in the local politics of the community they now call home.

Meron Semedar protesting Muslim ban/refugee ban at the San Francisco International Airport. PHOTO CREDIT: Meron Semedar for Oakland City Council, District 3